Power Through Workouts with CBD

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Whether you’re a pro or a novice when it comes to your daily workout routine, the one roadblock we can all agree gets in our way the most is muscle pain. Feeling sore may bring about a sense of accomplishment immediately following your workout, but waking up with stiffness and discomfort the next morning may only impede future exercise endeavors. Instead of risking injury by muscling through the pain or shirking your workout routine altogether, CBD may be just what you need to power through.

CBD is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Studies have shown it may provide relief for anxiety, pain, nausea, migraines, and insomnia and even lower blood pressure. Keep reading to find out the best time for you to add CBD into your workout routine.

Before Workouts

When used prior to stretching before your workout, CBD may be effective in warming up your muscles. It’ll also give your body time to move it through your system. Since it’s an anti-inflammatory agent, it may help with stopping muscle pain before it starts. Less inflammation during your workout will equal less pain following it. CBD has also been effective in some studies in reducing anxiety, leading some athletes to believe using CBD before their workout helps them focus more on their actions and less on any oncoming soreness.

During Workouts

It’s a natural response to feel temporary, occasional discomfort mid-workout. If you have a common spot where this pain or soreness tends to kick in, it may be beneficial to address it before you conclude your workout. Instead of waiting until the pain has officially set in, try applying topical CBD to the pain point to nip it in the bud and feel better getting in some extra time exercising.

After Workouts

Studies have shown the most effective results when using CBD post-exercise. Workouts trigger an inflammatory response in the body, which can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness. Applying CBD to your sore muscles post-workout may eliminate the bulk of the soreness that will arise in the following days. Additionally, some people have found that CBD allows for better sleep, and we all know that sleep is imperative in recovering from a tough workout.

If you’re tired of feeling held back from your full potential because of sore muscles and pain, CBD may be able to help. Available as a vape, roll-on oil, and soft-gel tablets, Hero Complex’s CBD products are here to provide relief to your achy muscles and get you moving on with your active lifestyle.

I wrote this article as a guest blog for Hero Complex. It was originally published at https://giveuselife.org on October 15, 2020.

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